Florida Electronic Lien and Title
Program and Service Details

The Florida ELT program is a web based application linked to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that is designed to manage electronic liens and titles. It makes the storing, accessing, retrieval and conveyance of titles simpler. Likewise, it makes releasing liens more streamlined and less susceptible to fraud.

Florida ELT provides businesses that finance vehicles, vessels and mobile homes with the service of storing Florida titles and liens in electronic format. The system is accessible with an internet browser, a username and password. You can have one or more users within your Florida ELT account and may grant different users different rights (i.e. ability to release a lien, ability to request a printed electronic title, ability to view and manage billing details).

At the most basic level, lienholders in Florida will use the Florida ELT electronic lien and title system to view liens, release liens and request printed titles.

There are a great number of benefits to vehicle finance companies as well as the Florida DHSMV by transferring to an electronic title and lien system. As you transition your business from paper titles to electronic titles (mandatory by January 1, 2013), you'll realize cost savings, times savings, fewer paperwork hassles and more. The Florida ELT program serves finance companies, buy here pay here dealers, banks, credit unions and other businesses that offer vehicle financing (a.k.a. lienholders) with:

  • Faster notifications of lien releases
  • Improved timeliness of lien and title data exchange with the Florida DMV
  • Better organization of liens and titles in one central place
  • Reduced administrative burden for processing and filing paper titles
  • Easier storage of titles
  • Reduction of the fees and time necessary to mail paper titles
  • Access to expedited title printing
  • Reduction in title fraud
  • Improved data and forms security
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduction of title paper usage which helps save the trees (and the hassle of maintaining a secure locked cabinet or safe)
  • Better and dependable customer service from Florida ELT. You can rely on us and contact us directly for service: 1 (888) 675-7477
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